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We are super excited to be hosting our Connect Groups both in person & online! It has never been easier to be a part of the Infinity Church community, or to invite your friends. Here are all of the groups that are running this Block - be sure to sign up to reserve your spot!


If there isn't a group that already meets your schedule, is isn't too late to volunteer to run one! Just select the option to start your own and let us know the details. 


In Person

Coffee and Connect with Miranda & Gerry - 9:30AM Mondays
Music Practice & Worship Study with Rhys Anderson - 7:30PM 1st Monday of month
Men of Faith with Ken Cook - 7:30PM Tuesdays
"Listen to Him" (Gospel of Luke) with Donna Cook - 7:30PM Tuedays
Mums Group with Jess Rajapaksa - 10AM Wednesdays
Find Freedom with Lorraine Holland - 7:30PM Thursdays
Fellowship Group with Krysia Jenkinson - 12PM Fridays
Infinity Youth (Highschoolers) with Emily Dunkley - 7PM Fridays



"Listen to Him" (Gospel of Luke) with Donna Cook - 7:30PM Wednesdays 

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