We see a passionate community of Gods people serving our wonderful city by bringing the love, message and challenge of Jesus Christ in as many languages as possible. 


We will serve generously with love by creating a community hub. Wherever people at in life physically, we want to be able to help have their needs met. We will be the church that meets the needs of it's community. 

We see this outworking through a free cafe, free counselling services, feeding and clothing those in need, marriage support services, anger management counselling, addiction recovery support and other support groups, family violence prevention & more through partnerships as well as by being a part of INC’s Global Care charity. 


We will evangelise with love, bringing the good news of Jesus Christ via a community of passionate and caring people so that wherever someone is at in life they can come to know of Jesus and what he has done for them. 

Jesus challenged the church to go and make disciples, and we take that challenge seriously. 

Jesus is the answer to the world, the answer to sin, and so we joyfully praise him and preach his word delivering the truth with love as we were called to do. 

We will see even more people come to know God as a result of introducing Melbourne to Jesus.


We will disciple by challenging with love. Jesus called each believer to grow in his likeness, continually being formed into the ways he called us to live, surrendered to and empowered by the Holy Spirit. 

Faith is the answer for our lives, in every season and as a result we will have a community that encourages and challenges one another towards the goal of Christ-likeness. 

We pray that as we grow in our knowledge of God, we will be living evidence of the power of God at work. 


We will champion unity with love by being one church with many services in many languages. We believe the church is a community of believers all around the world and the good news of Jesus is for all, no matter what language you speak. 

In the future we will see a church that has Christ preached in many more languages, where we are no longer able to physically fit any more services into the calendar. We pray that through God’s favour we will continue adding more language services and growing the family of God in unity.